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The goal of Mano en Mano’s Community Advocacy Project is to empower migrant, immigrant, farmworker, and Latinx communities in Downeast Maine to have a voice in challenging and changing systems of oppression that so often silence them. Through community meetings, home visits, and workshops, we help develop leadership, consciousness, confidence, capacity, and commitment among and within members of the Downeast Latino community.


In addition, this program creates opportunities for cultural celebration, exchange, and dialogue for and led by the community. Ultimately, our shared goal is to facilitate visioning, ownership, and involvement in the kind of community that individuals and families want to collectively thrive in. By supporting and encouraging community members as they raise their voices to the ears of their peers and decision-makers on the issues most important to them, we play an active role in increasing the responsibility and capacity of organizations and institutions to equitably serve and respond to communities of color. Each year, the community we work with grows stronger and helps make Maine a better place for current and future generations.

Our annual Mother's Day event, designed by community volunteers, includes a community potluck, performances, and dancing. 

Advocacy Program News

Members of Nuestra Voz en la Comunidad visit and strategize with Migrant Justice (Justicia Migrante) organizers in Burlington, Vermont.

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