Who we are

Our Mission:

Work with farmworkers and immigrants to settle and thrive in Maine.

Our Vision:

A stronger more inclusive Downeast Maine where the contributions of diverse communities are welcomed, access to essential services, education and housing are ensured, and social justice and equity are embraced.

Our History:
In the early 1990s, Milbridge experienced a rapid influx of migrant farmworkers who decided to leave the “migrant stream” and settle in Downeast Maine. In response to the needs of the Milbridge community’s newest members, the Milbridge Public Library, Town Office, and schools began to offer educational programs, basic resources, and potlucks open to all. These programs quickly expanded to include language classes and an afterschool program, and, in 2005, Mano en Mano was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization.

Today, Mano en Mano serves the communities of Milbridge and greater Washington County including this residential population of former migrant farmworkers and their families.

A video about Mano en Mano's work.

Our Strategic Plan

Goals from Mano en Mano's 2017-2020 Strategic Plan:


  1. Support immigration in Downeast Maine.

  2. Ensure access to language services and increase affordable housing.

  3. Increase educational and economic opportunity.

  4. Foster community leadership, social justice, and equity.

  5. Build organizational and financial capacity to achieve Mano en Mano’s goals.

We are a Member Group

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