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Notes from a Community Partner

December 19, 2014

The Next Step domestic violence project is excited to be collaborating with Mano en Mano and to be establishing goals as well as activities in our work to build a stronger and safer community in Downeast Maine. Next Step supports and empowers those affected by domestic violence, while striving to prevent and end the cycle of domestic violence through education and social change. Next Step could not do all this work without the help of and support of other organizations who share their common beliefs and values. Mano en Mano, though a separate non-profit organization, shares these common beliefs, and both our organizations advocate for social justice, supports the removal of barriers to health and human services, and support access to freedom and safety.


There is overlap in the populations serviced by both organizations; domestic abuse happens in all populations and those serviced by Mano en Mano are no exception. Barriers to fleeing abuse and violence increase when the victim of abuse is isolated from the greater population by language and cultural difference. Providing services is complicated by inadequate understanding on the part of the service provider. Mano en Mano and Next Step believe that our organizations have knowledge and experience which if shared, will strengthen our presence and services. Next Step is proud to work alongside Mano en Mano.


Out hotline number is 1-800-315-5579. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse, please call.


Kelly Brown
Community Educator
The Next Step

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