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Mano en Mano among grantees of Maine Health Access Foundation

Mano en Mano is one of eight organizations in Maine to be awarded a grant from the Maine Health Access Foundation this year. The grant is awarded to non-profits who "exemplify community-driven efforts to improve health for communities that face disproportionate barriers to health and wellbeing." The $75,000 grant will be distributed over three years and include Mano en Mano in a partnership with MeHAF and the other grantees.

Mano en Mano focuses on meeting the needs of people who face intense barriers to services and as a result experience disparate health outcomes in every measure. These barriers include discrimination, language access, lack of transportation, lack of insurance, immigration status, and poverty. In addition, migrant farmworkers in particular fall outside of the regulations that protect most workers. Improving health access and status of our communities are essential components to our four main areas of programming, described below.

Through support from MeHAF’s capacity-building grant program, Mano en Mano will be able to develop new partnerships and competencies that allow us to more effectively serve our communities, reduce the geographic isolation in which we operate our programs by having access to a cohort of peer organizations, and build a stronger financial foundation on which to achieve our strategic plan. At the same time, support from MeHAF will elevate the voices of immigrants and farmworkers in conversations about health equity in Maine and ensure that the health status of the communities we serve continues to drive local, regional, and statewide partnerships with Mano en Mano and beyond.


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