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Students participate in "Making Migration Visible"

On July 10th, Mano en Mano collaborated with the Cherryfield Arts Initiative to work with students in our community to create an art piece that will be part of a statewide project titled "Making Migration Visible." More information about the project can be found here.

The aim of the July 10th workshop was to create “A space for youth to create art together in greater Milbridge and Cherryfield area that will built upon each other's stories and experiences of migration.”

More from the Cherryfield Arts Initiative:

Children chose their own migratory animal that they personally connected with. Using animals as metaphors children were engaged to think, and if they wanted, speak about:

  • What is migration?

  • Why do animals migrate?

  • Why do people migrate?

  • Why do some people migrate to Maine?

  • Do people and animals migrate for the same reasons?

  • What are some qualities that might help people or animals migrate?

  • How does migration compare to taking a trip?

Children explored the printmaking process by researching a migratory animal and then carving the animals tracks or traces that they leave behind when migrating from place to place. After making their own print/s to take home, a map was drawn (initially in pencil) and student printed their hand carved plates onto the map. This map will be added to and completed during August at the Blueberry Harvest School in Harrington.

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