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Mano en Mano joins the Island Institute for Weatherization Week in Milbridge

This spring, Mano en Mano is joining forces with the Island Institute to host two Weatherization Week events in Milbridge and the surrounding towns. According to the Island Institute, fuel and electric costs on the coast of Maine are among the highest in the country. To help ease the burden that families face to keep warm in the winter, the Island Institute hosts a variety of events and workshops to increase energy efficiency for Maine’s islands and coastal communities. The model that weatherization week uses aims to reduce contractor costs associated with weatherizing homes by scheduling many jobs in one week, making the process faster and more affordable for families.

The week of April 16th, Mano en Mano hosted the first weatherization week to take place in a mainland coastal community. We are happy to report that ten families were able to benefit from weatherizing their homes this week. The Island Institute reports that weatherization can save families up to $300 in fuel and electric costs each year. This project holds tremendous economic and environmental benefits for both families and the community.

In May, even more households will be able to participate in this program through another Weatherization Week from May 14th through 18th. This fall, we will continue working towards energy efficiency by hosting a workshop where community members will learn to build storm windows. These windows can save a gallon of oil per square foot each year. We look forward to continuing this important project in collaboration with the Island Institute.

To learn more about Weatherization Week, check out the Island Institute’s website.

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