• Becca Haydu

Back to School BBQ in Calais

In welcoming the new school year and saying good-bye to summer, Migrant Education (MEP) Regional Coordinators Molly Ralph and Jay Skriletz hosted a back-to-school barbeque with students in Eastern Washington County. The evening was a chance for MEP students and their families to come together as a community and discuss both program and personal goals for the coming school year. Hosted at the Maine Indian Education Heritage Center in Calais, students, parents, and MEP staff alike enjoyed food, games, and music along with enrichment activities designed to increase school readiness.

This September, MEP will be launching a new program called “Skills 4 Success,” which will consist of after school workshops that help students achieve both academic and personal success. Jay and Molly introduced this program to attendees of the BBQ as well as facilitated the creation of a “Reach for the Stars” goal poster and vision board for the 2017-2018 school year. Visualizing their goals can be a great way for students to set their intentions for the coming year and serves as an excellent reference for tracking their progress. Some goals that students set included improving their handwriting, finishing school, and reading more.

We look forward to another great school year and wish all of our students and families the very best this back to school season.


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