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Nuestra Voz Leaders Host Blue Hill Students for Cultural Presentations

On March 7th community members from the Nuestra Voz en la Comunidad (Our Voice in the Community) leadership group hosted students from the Blue Hill Consolidated School at the EDGE Center in ​​Cherryfield.The group of twenty or so Spanish language students, teachers, and educational technicians came to learn more about Mexican food and culture while also getting a chance to practice their language abilities. Five Nuestra Voz members arrived in the morning to set up their respective demonstration tables featuring how to make tamales, tacos, aguas frescas, churros, guacamole, and homemade picture frames. Students split up into small groups and stopped at each station to learn how to make something new, and to try it for themselves. With the help of Mano en Mano staff as interpreters, the presenters shared something important to them from back in Mexico. After each groups made it to all of the different stations, there was a question and answer session that students had prepared for ahead of time in Spanish and Nuestra Voz members shared their stories and perspectives with the students.

This year’s presentations were the second time that the Blue Hill Consolidated School and Nuestra Voz members were able to get together with students from the Blue Hill consolidated school. A large take away from the morning was how food can be so deeply connected to a sense of home, and how that can also be shared across cultures.

Special thanks to Maine Seacoast Mission for the use of the EDGE Center, to Vazquez Mexican Takeout for the wonderful lunch, and for Greg Holman for coordinating the event again between Nuestra Voz and his students.

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