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Updates from the Migrant Education Program in Indian Township

Molly Ralph has been working with the Indian Township community since she started working for the Maine Migrant Education Program (MEP) last December. Her focus since the new year has been on providing one-on-one tutoring services to MEP students. Ranging from Pre-K school readiness lessons to tutoring students through high school, the needs of these students vary greatly.

While homework help and guided studying sessions is a big part of student needs, when possible Molly makes an effort to incorporate exciting learning activities and offer students a creative outlet. In the short time that she has been working with this group of students, she has witnessed how bright and passionate they are, even at the youngest ages. The interests of the students range from dinosaurs and space to the supernatural. Molly quickly realized that tapping into these passions is a great way to connect with the students and enhance their learning experience. After learning that one student’s hobby involves searching for bigfoot in the woods by her house, Molly decided that they would make a brochure about the mythical creature to practice reading and writing to inform.

She has also enjoyed getting to work with the preschoolers. With endless energy and character to match, there is never a dull moment. At last month’s tutoring sessions, students read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carl. Students then worked on their fine motor skills by coloring and cutting out pictures of the animals, putting them in order, and discussing the different colors and animal noises. Students finished the lesson by making a brown bear puppet out of a paper bag. Their older siblings couldn’t resist participating, gently guiding their younger counterparts when they struggled, and of course showing them how puppeteering is really done.

Molly looks forward to continuing these one-on-one sessions and further catering to each student's’ needs and interests in the most stimulating ways possible.

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