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Staff at the World Meeting of Popular Movements

From February 16 to February 19, Mano en Mano staff member Maria Kennedy attended the World Meeting of Popular Movements (WMPM) in Modesto, California as part of the Maine delegation. An initiative of Pope Francis, the purpose of the WMPM was “to create an ‘encounter’ between Church leadership and grassroots organizations working to address the ‘economy of exclusion and inequality’ (Joy of the Gospel, nos. 53-54) by working for structural changes that promote social, economic, and racial justice.”

During the four days of the conference, hundreds of grassroots community organizers from around the US and the Americas gathered with representatives of the Vatican and US Bishops to discuss the themes land, housing, work, migration, and racism. Maria had the opportunity to share feedback from our community collected at a Nuestra Voz en la Comunidad meeting with US Bishops in small groups and to network with immigrant community organizers from the Central Valley in California.

Mano en Mano was invited to send a representative by the Bangor-based organization that arranged the Maine delegation, Food and Medicine. The five representatives from Maine (pictured above) met before and after the conference to discuss plans for implementing the message from Modesto and steps for action back home in Maine.


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