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Nuestra Voz Sets Goals for 2017

Nuestra Voz en la Comunidad (Our Voices in the Community), a group of local leaders from diverse communities and life experiences including immigrants, migrants, farmworkers, and allies, kicked off their first meeting of the year at the Mano en Mano office last Thursday, January 26th. Coming together from near and far, Nuestra Voz leaders and allies discussed what they wanted to accomplish this year and where they want their voices to be heard the loudest.

Reflecting on the group’s core values and the urgency of the current political climate, the group collectively visioned a set of goals and the first steps towards a 2017 action plan.

Goals included:

  • Present the group at the Feb. 2nd Open House.

  • Advocate for children and learn more about the local school systems.

  • Make cultural craft presentations to student groups.

  • Explore cooperative childcare models.

  • Make community skill sharing classes.

  • Organize workshops around personal finance, sexual health, and computer skills.

  • Plan for May 13th Mother's Day event.

The intention to collaborate and connect to other organizing efforts in Downeast Maine and beyond also remains an underlying influence for the work of Nuestra Voz. The group’s vision is both immediate and far-reaching in scope, and during Thursday’s meeting Nuestra Voz set out plans to make connections with nearby resources as well as the expertise of its members, including peer-to-peer skill sharing workshops, collaboration on projects with local universities, and support of national social justice efforts.

Going ahead, the group will continue to meet the needs of its members and greater community, celebrate Latino/a cultures and Downeast traditions, and bring about the changes they hope to see. Nuestra Voz continues to challenge and work towards overcoming anti-immigrant sentiment, building a more inclusive and diverse place for current and future generations.


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