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Expanding Early Childhood Education in Eastern Washington County

The Maine Migrant Education Program, coordinated in Washington County by Mano en Mano | Hand in Hand, is expanding the reach of the innovative Comienza en Casa—It Begins at Home pre-school program developed by Mano en Mano staffer Ana Blagojevic and Early Childhood Education consultant Bonnie Blagojevic. The program’s name, when translated into Passamaquoddy, becomes Wetoqi Peciyak Kikonuk, and in eastern Washington County, nearly all of the qualified Migrant Education Program students are from the Passamquoddy Tribe.

The iPad based program encourages parents to be their children’s first teachers, providing books and creative materials, as well as on-line applications and e-books, along with a lesson plan to guide their children’s exploration of their world.

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