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Meet New Program Assistant Mikayla Dana

Meet Mikayla Dana. To the position of Migrant Education Program (MEP) Assistant, Mikayla brings a strong desire to become a teacher to the youngest children (and their parents) in her community, to mentor those children as they grow and evolve into students and young adults, and to act as a role model for young people who want to fulfill every bit of their potential.

Mikayla has a lot of experience working in her community’s school (Indian Township School) as an intern from the Education Technician Training Program at Washington County Community College where she is on track to earn her Associates Degree in Education. She also frequently works as a substitute teacher or support staff member at the Indian Township School. All in all, she is already very familiar with the children, teachers, protocols, and schedule of the students and school where we have hired her to provide services. Mikayla is also well regarded in both her school and community as a young adult growing into her role as a community leader. We have no doubt that she will be more than an asset to the MEP as it now exists, but will also help it grow to the next stage of increased involvement for parents and a natural widening of horizons for the students.

We warmly welcome Mikayla to our staff and look forward to the energy she will bring to her work!

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