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A Day of Discovery in Bangor

34 migrant children and their families spent Saturday, November 13 at the Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor as part of an educational field trip with the Maine Migrant Education Program.

A bilingual Maine Discovery Museum educator welcomed and led the group through an animal exhibit that included storytelling, turtle handling, and a hands-on shadow puppet making. With guidance from their parents, children participated in a scavenger hunt where they observed and explored the entire museum while keeping a record of what they saw and learned. Students were able to learn new vocabulary, especially relating to snakes and other reptiles, through their exploration of the interactive exhibits.

Some of the exhibit highlights included crawling through aquatic ecosystems, walking through the anatomy of the human body, rooms designed to make classic children's literature come alive, putting on a puppet show on a stage, playing in a toddler size toy house, and navigating an almost life size boat next to a model life house. Thanks to the Maine Discovery Museum for an awesome day of hands-on learning!

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