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New Grant Opportunity for Mano en Mano

Mano en Mano is pleased to announce that we are a grant recipient of the Lerner Foundation to continue building a relationship with the Milbridge Public Library to increase learning opportunities (with a particular focus on language accessibility) and get Latino community members more involved in programing. We are excited to be moving forward with this project, because we believe that the Latino families in our area and the library as a public institution have a lot to mutually offer one another, both in benefitting from the library’s many resources and also offering support and participation in the library’s programming.

We plan to develop in inclusive model of blended programming that will work for the Milbridge community, build capacity, and serve as an example to other agencies, organizations, and communities of how to serve people with diverse language needs in rural settings with limited resources. The project will focus on developing a group of stakeholders made up of community members that will be key players in developing library programming activities. It will also look at different ways to strengthen outreach strategies so that they are more inclusive of Milbridge community members (both adults and children), and built capacity in community members and volunteers that want to be involved in library programming and create quality activities. Digital literacy skills and accessing educational resources via library iPads and other technology will also be an important focus.

Staff member Ana Blagojevic and newly hired staff Juana Rodriguez Vazquez will be heading the project.

Over time, we hope to see more events that are accessible to the entire community. Public libraries have a unique position in rural communities as central points of learning, social activities, and community resources.

We look forward to where this partnership will take us. Stay tuned for upcoming events and activities at the Milbridge Public Library!

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