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Mano en Mano Welcomes Plansowes Dana as New Program Assistant

Plansowes Dana brings a wide range of life experience and experience teaching students to the unique demands of a Migrant Education Program (MEP) Assistant in Pleasant Point. She will provide services to a caseload that is spread across a very wide range of ages: Kindergarten to Out-of-School Youth (OSY). Her experience as a Youth Worker for the Wabanaki Youth Program and the Work Force Development Program, as well as once being the Acting Youth Director for the Passamaquoddy Tribe, gives her the insight and ability to meet and work with the challenging OSY demographic.

Plansowes’s experience working on youth programs for the Wabanaki Museum and for other cultural programs for the Passamaquoddy Tribe have helped her forge relationships with the community’s youth who hunger for the bond cultural knowledge and practice provides. Her experience as a Behavioral Technician has given her the tools to help students whose education is being impacted by emotional and psychological challenges. Her work with the Food Sustainability Project has helped her establish relationships with many of the families to whom she will provide educational support services as a Program Assistant for the MEP. Plansowes is often called upon by the Passamaquoddy Community to contribute her special and unique energy to community projects involving families and young people.

We know she will bring great service to her students and their families, but also help the MEP develop into a more meaningful and productive educational support for her community’s young people. Join us in welcoming Plansowes Dana to our team!

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