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Migrant Education Students Hike Petit Manan

Just before school started again, the Maine Migrant Education Program staff at Mano en Mano organized an outing for migrant education students as a way to close out the summer. On a warm, late summer day, what better activity than a hike down at Petit Manan Wildlife Refuge in Steuben, Maine? The Hollingsworth Trail at Petit Manan is a 1.5 mile loop that winds its way through forests and ledges before opening up to a large beach and rocky coastline at the midway point. The students were accompanied by a visiting volunteer group of Bowdoin freshmen.

Migrant Education staff prepared a scavenger hunt for students and our volunteer helpers. Along the way, students were able to identify sphagnum moss, various types of pine trees and pinecones, several varieties of wild berries, animal tracks, tiny crabs and periwinkle snails, and lots of seaweed. At the coast, students also learned about the tide changes along the beach and what the water level changes mean for the micro-ecosystems in tide pools.

Living in coastal Maine, we are privileged to have access to beautiful and remote places that also spark students’ interests and keep them engaged and excited about the world around them.

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