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Bowdoin Freshmen Visit Downeast Maine

For the third year running, a group of new freshmen from Bowdoin College in Brunswick made the trek to Downeast Maine as part of their Freshmen Orientation. Incoming freshmen have the option of going on adventure and hiking trips or participating in community service work in various locations around Maine. The McKeen Center for the Common Good organizes these service trips from the Bowdoin campus, and they serve to give students the chance to get to know one another and participate in team-building activities, but also to have a chance to explore other parts of Maine and learn more about local organizations.

When they first arrived, the group participated in an afternoon hike and scavenger with Migrant Education students and ate an authentic Mexican dinner from the food trucks at Wyman’s on the blueberry barrens. Over the next two days, the group also volunteered twice with the Downeast Campus of the Maine Sea Coast Mission, assisting older couples in stacking firewood, helped Mano en Mano with some landscaping, enjoyed a swim at Spring River lake, and hiked part of the Bold Coast trail in Cutler!

As a small organization, we depend on volunteer participation and but also look forward to meeting new students, who this year were all from outside of Maine! We are very grateful for their help and enthusiasm during their visit and look forward to future trips.

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