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Meet Our New Scholarship Recipient

Meet Cristina Perez, a rising sophomore at the University of Maine at Orono, who is majoring in Elementary Education and is the new recipient of the Julia Robiola Gigena Memorial Scholarship. Cristina was born in Mexico and moved to Milbridge during elementary school. She graduated from Narraguagus High School in 2013 and said she always knew she wanted to be a teacher.

“When I was in elementary school, my teachers helped me so much, and I want to do that for other kids,” she says. “I had to work really hard to learn English but my teachers and and my family encouraged me so much and that meant a lot.”

During her first year in college, Cristina lived in an international dorm, getting to experience foods and traditions of other cultures through her roommates and other programs on campus. In the coming year she plans to volunteer in an after school program and work with children. She says what she liked the most about her first year in college was learning about so many things and meeting new people.

We congratulate Cristina on her successes so far and look forward to seeing what she will accomplish while she is at the University of Maine!

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