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Taking Control of Technology

With all of the technology and information surrounding us in today’s world, do you ever feel overwhelmed by all of the choices? “How we can use technology to benefit young children?” is one topic discussed in the Comienza en Casa | It Begins at Home program, with families of PreK and K children. What do we need to know to feel that we are in control of technology use in our homes and with our children, so it can be used in healthy ways?

To begin conversations about important topics like this, we search for organizations offering relevant evidence-based information. In the blog post “Young Children Develop a Healthy Media Diet” on The Fred Rogers Center Blog, researcher Daniel Anderson makes a variety of points that can help parents evaluate and make decisions about media choices. For example, as he points out “media are not only different from one another in how they are used and experienced, but they also contain many different kinds of content. Different kinds of content are like different kinds of food: No one would consider doughnuts and broccoli to have identical effects on health.”

Explore this and other posts on the Fred Rogers Center blog related to technology use for additional insights related to when and how to use technology. Other organizations and resources we consult regularly for information we bring in to discuss with families involved in Comienza en Casa can be found on our Resources page.

—- Contributed by Early Childhood Education Consultant Bonnie Blagojevic


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