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New Spanish Language Materials at the Milbridge Public Library

Local families held an event on Children’s Day in April raising money to purchase Spanish-language books, magazine subscriptions, and reference materials for the Milbridge Public Library. Today, all the books are dressed in their covers and are on the shelves ready to be checked out!

Adding to the plethora of children’s Spanish-language books are: adult and young-adult fiction reads, non-fiction books on cooking, gardening, and parenting, history titles, and family activity resources. Several magazine titles will arrive monthly or every other month: those include National Geographic, Ladybug, Rolling Stone, and Latina.

Did you know?: The Milbridge Public Library has funding for purchasing new books in any language! If there is a title you’d like to see on the shelves, write down the book’s title, author, and ISBN number, and bring it in to the library!

Mano en Mano hopes to continue collaborating with the wonderful people, resources, and programming that the Milbridge Public Library provides.


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