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Growing Together at the Milbridge Library

What do plants and people have in common? How do we use plants? Where do they come from? Can plants eat bugs?

The Milbridge Library hosted a four-week educational program about plants that answered these questions and more. The Growing Together Group was a collaboration between Mano en Mano’s AmeriCorps members Juana Rodriguez-Vazquez and Kate Brinks, and Elin MacKinnon, a social work professor at University of Maine-Orono. During the educational program, the children had an opportunity to learn through hands on activities such as growing “plant people,” creating seed art, inventing imaginary weird plants, and building terrariums.

By participating in these activities, the children found out that plants and people both have roots; that plants come from seeds (and planted several different kinds to take home!); that we eat plants and that there are plants like the Venus Flytrap and the Pitcher Plant that can eat bugs!

Stop in to the library to see an example of the projects the children completed such as a terrarium and a plant person!

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