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Comienza en Casa: Another Season of Science!

This spring, families involved in the Comienza en Casa | It Starts at Home, a program of the Maine Migrant Education program, have been very busy. March activities included a trip to Round Mountain Farm to see the production of Maple Syrup, and in April parents organized a Children’s Day event with the help of community volunteers as a fundraiser for the Milbridge Public Library. Another special event took place in April when a local lobster fisherman came to visit during the April evening meeting and brought his gear and a trap. Students and parents were able to ask questions, try lifting a lobster trap and do some scientific observation of a lobster. The visit tied in with the early science concepts regarding weather and differences in bodies of water. The lobster fisherman also discussed how lobsters were caught, where they live, and how many traps a typical fisherman has in the water.

Students have also been busy running experiments at home. Some families have built series of ramps and had competitions between different size balls or vehicles going down the ramps. Others have created projects examining color changes in buckets of water. Each of these experiences serve to introduce students to science vocabulary and language, and to the concepts of forming ideas, questions, and predictions about something that might happen. These children might not be in a classroom yet, but by engaging in these playful activities at home with their families, they are still learning foundational knowledge that will be useful when they begin formal schooling.

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