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Field Trip on Maine Maple Sunday

Can you eat it? Is it the sticky stuff bugs get stuck in? Why does the sap only run during this season?

Armed with these questions and many more, the families of Comienza en Casa – a program of Mano en Mano and the Migrant Education Program – headed off to Round Mountain Farm, a local farm that makes maple syrup in Cherryfield, Maine.

Decked out in warm clothes and boots so that we could traipse through the woods, we learned about sap–which trees make it, why they make it, how to get it out of the tree, how collect it and how to make syrup with the sap! The kids helped collect the sap and even drill holes to put in the spigots!

After learning about maple syrup, we held a taste test and voted on the kids’ favorite syrup– Aunt Jemima’s or the real maple syrup made at the farm. Many of the kids had to take several tastes to figure out which they liked better. In the end, the maple syrup from the farm won the vote. Many of those who attended the event learned a lot about syrup and enjoyed their hands on experience! Many thanks to Round Mountain Farm for hosting the visit!

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