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Mano en Mano Hosts First Annual Meeting

On Monday, March 10th, Mano en Mano hosted its first Annual Meeting! A group of staff, Board members, community partners, and community members assembled for dinner and a review of Mano en Mano’s 2013 Annual Report. Executive Director Ian Yaffe presented facts and figures from 2013 programming, budget and revenue, and shared some photos from the past year.

Items of interest included a focus on the Blueberry Harvest School, a program of the Migrant Education Program in Maine, which Mano en Mano ran for the first time in Summer 2013. We also saw a shift from our Adult Education Program with drop-in English classes to sponsoring students with scholarships to work one-on-one with a tutor in focused sessions. This change seems to work well for English-language learners so far because they receive individualized instruction and also meet when and where they are able with the tutor.

Our Annual Meeting was also an opportunity for our Board and staff to meet with the community, answer questions about our current and future projects, and discuss ideas. We appreciated the feedback and look forward to the rest of this year’s programming. Take a look at our 2013 Annual Report here.


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