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Elementary Students Visit Maine Discovery Museum

During February vacation, five elementary-age Migrant Education students went on a field trip to the Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor. Migrant Education Coordinator Bethany Woods decided to plan the trip as an enrichment activity for the students during the break as an educational but also fun trip.

The Maine Discovery Museum has a variety of activities and exhibits to offer for children ages 3-12 with science-based themes. The students really enjoyed the tanks with snakes, lizards, and various kinds of fish. Other fun areas included life-size models of a beaver dam and raven’s nest, exhibits and specimens of wildlife and native plants of Maine, a special exhibit on bats in Maine, activities related to the movement of air, sound, and pressure, and the human body. Students split into two groups and also took photos to document new things they learned and their favorite parts of the museum. Additionally, students visited special temporary exhibits on Japanese and Italian culture.

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