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Mano en Mano Receives Grant from Maine Health Access Foundation

Mano en Mano has been awarded a two-year grant from the Maine Health Access Foundation (MeHAF) to provide information and raise awareness about the new Health Insurance Marketplace and the Affordable Care Act to our clients and the wider community. Mano en Mano is one of fifteen grantee organizations who are working on this project in various capacities around the state.

The purpose of this “ReINFORMA” project is to provide unbiased, factual information and education on what the Affordable Care Act is and means, how to find out what you qualify for, and how to apply. Staff then refer individuals to certified Navigators and Certified Application Counselors who are trained to help people find out what their premiums would be and apply for insurance.

Our staff is available to host community meetings and meet with individuals in the community to discuss the healthcare reforms and provide resources. Timing is important because the first open enrollment period ends March 31st, 2014. After that, individuals won’t be able to enroll in health insurance again until the next enrollment period beginning in October 2014. We look forward to continuing our work from last year in providing education and informative materials about the law changes and how this affects Mainers.

Edith and Bethany are available to meet with any interested individual to provide more information or to host community meetings and informational workshops in English or Spanish. Contact us if you are interested.

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