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Local Businesses Take Advantage of Spanish Class Offerings

In November, there have been two Spanish classes at Maine Fair Trade Lobster, located in Prospect Harbor, Maine. The human resources department expressed a desire to be able to better communicate with their Spanish speaking employees, so we explored options to help. What had started out as a vocabulary list turned into a Spanish class with eight to ten regular attendees. The students in the class have learned dates, time, greetings and other basic communication skills to build better relationships with the employees who they supervise.

These classes are a wonderful example of Mano en Mano’s vision to build a more inclusive Downeast Maine and we are delighted to join with Maine Fair Trade Lobster to help create a workplace that is more welcoming to Spanish speakers. We look forward to continuing our relationship with this company and other area businesses that are interested in learning Spanish!

Kate Brinks is Mano en Mano’s Americorps member this year and Spanish instructor.


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