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Summer Program Leadership Days

Last Saturday marked the second Maine Migrant Education Leadership Day for our Summer 2013 season. Nine youth between the ages of 14 and 21 have participated in the Leadership days. Corrie Hunkler, who lives locally and worked with our youth program last summer, designed the curriculum and has been a lead facilitator. She brings a great deal of experience from past work with Outward Bound and Peace Games.

The program consists of three full days of programming, each day focusing on a different aspect of leadership (individual, group and community) through games and activities as well as an “excursion” where different challenges are presented. The first Saturday led 7 youth who had never before been hiking up Tunk Mountain, a strenuous trail with a very rewarding view. During our debrief, a student who found the last leg of the hike particularly challenging declared her one word description of the day: Fun!

The second Saturday, which focused on group leadership, consisted of a trip to Roque Bluffs where students participated in the “Beach Olympics” a slew of games that work on communication, cooperation, team building and developing individual strengths in a group setting. Next Saturday will be the final day of the program and will involve a service project at the Cherryfield Academy. Students will also be receiving certificates for their participation in the program. We’ve been so pleased to offer this new programming to Migrant Education students and look forward to making it even better for coming years.

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