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Mano en Mano Hosts 2013 Blueberry Harvest School

Mano and Mano is excited to host the Blueberry Harvest School this year to serve the migrant children of families coming to Washington County to harvest blueberries. We are revamping the curriculum to make it experiential and theme based. Learning Maine will be a three-week program that will be innovative, “hands on”, interdisciplinary and, most important, FUN.

Themes include explorations of the marine environment, ecosystems and interrelationships, and sustainable food systems. We have hired a diverse and talented teaching and support staff and are excited to begin hosting children on August 5th at the Harrington Elementary School. We hope to keep you updated with specific stories from the field.

The Blueberry Harvest School is a hands-on, student-centered, educational summer program for the eligible children (ages 3-13) of migratory workers as certified by the Maine Migrant Education Program during the blueberry harvest in Washington County. The program lasts approximately three to four weeks and is conducted in accordance with Title 1, Part C, Sections 1301-1309 of the No Child Left Behind Act; 34 CFR, Parts 200.81-200.89; Maine Migrant Education Program’s Service Delivery Plan; and Education Evolving: Maine’s Plan for Putting Learners First (Maine Department of Education’s Strategic Plan).

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