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Spring Spanish Class Full of Fun

The two Spanish classes that took place at Mano en Mano this spring, one morning class and one evening class, were full of enthusiastic students and a fun learning environment! The Adult Education program was happy to welcome 15 Spanish students, including a couple of our wonderful volunteers, into our two classes who were all committed to and excited about learning Spanish. Many students were interested in the classes to help them better interact with Spanish-speaking co-workers or clients on their jobs, for traveling in Latin America, or simply just because they’ve always wanted to learn the language!

Our two fantastic teachers, Pablo Jarrin and Lacie Craven, did an excellent job of making the classes valuable and enjoyable! One of our students, Daniel Merritt, described his experience: “Pablo is an excellent teacher. Spanish is his native language and he does a great job explaining it in a way that is easy to understand.” Classes were centered around conversation topics and useful vocabulary for initial get-to-know-you exchanges.

As a culminating activity last Tuesday, we welcomed some of our English students (i.e. native Spanish speakers) into the evening class to practice simple introductory conversation with our Spanish students! It was a fun evening of laughter and mutual learning. We look forward to continuing to build language bridges in the Milbridge community!

Mano en Mano will continue to offer Beginner and Continuing Spanish classes to the community. Please contact Kristen for more information: (207) 619-2808 or kristenh@manomaine.org.


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