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Notes from Outreach

The month of May has gone by very fast and new exiting things have gone with it. I enjoy my work and see it positively at any angle I’m standing on. In the month of May, I spend a lot of my time doing outreach and case management. This time I would like to share about a recent home visit. This home visit had been on my list to do for a while. It was a check-in with the family and we offered any help that was needed, but I was not expecting it to take long.

Once I was there, personal issues were brought into the conversation, like medical, legal, financial and education questions. Information was shared and follow-ups needed to develop. The client was very pleased with the visit and I also got to meet the new member of the family (a little baby) and talked to the exited older brother who is five and will soon be going to kindergarten. Forming and keeping these kinds of connections means a lot to our organization and is meaningful to our clients. We can definitely see the impact that we can make in just staying connected with our clients even if we see it originally as a simple visit to say hello.

—Written by Edith Flores

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