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High School Student Proudly Graduates

As recognized by the Maine Migrant Education Program Director, Julia Trujillo-Luengo, Darin Clement has achieved the goal set for all Migrant Education Program students – graduation from high school! Darin overcame several challenging obstacles to earn his diploma. He had a severe knee injury requiring surgery in his junior year, and was homeless for nearly two months in his senior year. Darin received much support from his mother as well as from the Maine Indian Education Home-School Liaison, Patti Neptune and Mano en Mano | Hand in Hand Migrant Education Coordinator, Jay Skriletz. Darin will apply to both Washington County Community College and the University of Maine at Machias for admission next fall.

Caption: Migrant Education Program student, Darin Clement, with his mother, Stephanie Bailey, proudly displays the Certificate of Recognition received from Maine Migrant Education Program Director, Julia Trujillo-Luengo.


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