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Comienza en Casa Visits the Downeast Institute

On May 25th, families in the Maine Migrant Education Program who are participating in Comienza en Casa | It Starts at Home took a field trip to the Downeast Institute. Students came up with a variety of questions that they had about the Institute and sea creatures, including: “Who is the daddy of the fish?” and “What are the different kinds of sharks?”

Education Coordinator at DEI Colleen Haskell and field and lab technician Kyle Pepperman gave us a tour of the clam hatchery, showed the group some unique sea creatures, and set up some fun activities and opportunities to look at algae and baby clams under microscopes. Students enjoyed the sensory experience of the touch tank that had been set up with fish, crabs, sea stars and even a sea cucumber. Another highlight for the children on the trip was a close look at the Institutes pet trigger fish (named Brian) feeding on a crab! The trip was an exciting opportunity to learn more about the life in the ocean that we live so close to.

Comienza en Casa | It Starts at Home was created by Mano en Mano to serve the unique needs of migrant farmworker students and parents who are enrolled in the Maine Migrant Education Program. The program works together with families of preschool and kindergarten children who primarily speak little or no English in the home to promote school readiness and early education topics.

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