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Bayside Supermarket Staff Take Spanish Classes

During the month of February and the first week of March, employees from the local Bayside Shop ‘N Save supermarket met in the early mornings before their shifts to learn Spanish. The six employees-turned-students who participated in the class came to Robin and Kristen with an interest in learning Spanish so as to provide better customer service and better welcome their Spanish-speaking customers.

The Adult Education program was thrilled to support this request by providing a teacher, Pablo Jarrín Yepez, materials and job-specific vocabulary so that the employees will feel more welcoming and friendly when interacting with their Latino guests.

Instruction focused around greetings, numbers, pronunciation and filling out Western Union forms in Spanish. The students participated enthusiastically, flourishing in the class’s informal atmosphere. We were so happy to provide the employees with some professional development as well as a fun language opportunity. We hope to be able to continue to provide Spanish classes to interested businesses in the Milbridge area, since we see these language classes as a wonderful opportunity for cultural integration, increased communication, and a means of building a stronger Downeast Maine.

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