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Milestones at Drop-In English Class

In January, we were able to honor four of our most regular students in the Drop-in English Class for their outstanding attendance and progress. Maria Gloria and Avigay Garcia, Patricia Garcia and Humberto Garcia all received certificates and had their pictures taken with Robin Lovrien, the ESL teacher and Director of Adult Education. Despite cold weather, unpredictable work schedules, and needs of children and spouses, these four students showed up regularly to the English class and as a result significantly strengthened their English skills. More importantly, they all developed much stronger confidence in using their English. Good skills do nothing if the learner does not take the chance of using the English!

As the classes have resumed in the new year, we have welcomed a whole new contingent of adult learners and every night our numbers grow. Word is getting out that the class is informal, fun and helpful to the adults, regardless of their English level.

We have been very fortunate to have the invaluable help of several volunteers in the new year as well. This is an enormous service to Kristen and Robin, who do the teaching, as well as to the students, who profit from having increased personal attention and opportunities to interact with native English speakers or with strong bilinguals. Two of our volunteers travel quite a ways to join us too, so we are especially grateful for their support. Amy Dowley of Machiasport, and Les Simon of Addison have joined us for several classes. We are also extremely fortunate to have the pleasant help and support of two young women in our local community, Wendy Lopez and Thania Centeno. These young women cheerfully play games, explain language and help the learners pronounce words while they themselves continue to strengthen their already excellent English.


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