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Adult Education Offerings

Additional Education Offerings

The Adult Education Program is looking to provide support classes in other areas of learning, too. Right now we are helping one local young man prepare to complete tests to obtain his GED. This is a big accomplishment for those who have not yet attained a high-school level diploma. We are especially eager to help anyone work on their GED this year, as the GED will be changing significantly in 2014 and will be much more expensive to complete.

On February 12th we are holding an Education Open House to help the community learn more about our potential educational offerings. Besides GED support, we can offer support to those wanting to apply for citizenship and needing to prepare for the citizenship interview, or needing help with some obstacle on the path to citizenship. In an earlier newsletter, we featured the great success of a young man who was able to become a citizen with some critical help from Mano en Mano.

Persons wanting to study for the driver’s license exam can also get help at Mano en Mano. Note that we do not provide driver’s education in a vehicle, but can help those needing to learn the driving laws and road signs in preparation for the written part of the test. One of our young clients achieved this milestone in December, with wonderful support from Mano en Mano’s Ana Blagojevic.

Besides these types of help, we are able to provide expert, individual, confidential tutoring for adults who need and want to improve reading skills in English (or Spanish), as well as study help for high school or college students. The Mano en Mano Adult Education Program is always looking for ways to support learning in Western Washington County, so if you have a need, know someone who has a need, or just want to try some Spanish, please know we are here to serve you!

And, we are always happy to have volunteers help at the English Drop-in Class. Come try it out some night (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7-9PM)! It is fun and fullfilling!


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