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A Phone Call Makes A Difference

I would like to share a little story with a big meaning of a just a phone call.

This past month I had a phone call from a client who just needed reassurance about his situation. Someone had given our contact information to a man named Felipe*, who decided to call us. I picked up the call Felipe’s first question was if anyone spoke Spanish. I greeted him in Spanish as well. Felipe was having difficulties expressing his needs and it took him a while to talk about what he was going through and the situation he was in. After figuring out that Felipe already had a good source of information with him, all he needed was reassurance about what he had already planned to do. At the end of the conversation Felipe sounded calm and thanked me for my time and encouraging him to follow the steps he had already planned.

Sometimes is hard to pick up the phone once it rings, so I encourage clients to leave me a message, and I’ve been getting more messages which is good. I was glad I could help Felipe and plan to follow-up with a phone call, and I hope things are better.

Written by Edith Flores

* Name has been changed

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