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Adult Education Celebrates the Season with Cookies!

As it did for everyone else, December FLEW by for our adult education classes. For one of our evenings, the Drop-in English class observed the season and helped with Posada preparations by making and decorating cookies! Patricia Garcia brought her two boys and with other students, we had about 8 people rolling, baking, frosting and sprinkling pretty cookies. A huge thanks to Kristen Hagemeister, our amazing Americorps Member, who helped with all phases of cookie making and keeping the children happy and occupied!

We were proud to have four students in adult education with outstanding attendance during the two and a half months of Tuesday -Thursday classes: Humberto Garcia, Patricia Garcia, M. Gloria and Avigay Garcia. Their attendance is paying off, too! All were able to converse gently in English with non-Spanish speakers during the Posada celebration!

The Tuesday – Thursday classes will resume on January 15th. Students can drop in any time between 7 and 9 p.m. and can come any night that they are able to. This is a non-traditional class, so students can join in activities any time for any purpose.

January will see a busy schedule for Adult Education. We are planning to launch at least two Spanish classes, continue with the English drop-in class, offer English at more intense levels for advanced students, and offer a bi-lingual informational course for Spanish-speaking parents of children in the public schools. We are also going to offer citizenship preparation.

For more information, please be sure to contact Robin for English or citizenship classes and Kristin for Spanish classes.


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