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Recapping Mano en Mano’s 3rd Annual Holiday Posada

We celebrated our 3rd Annual Holiday Posada on December 14th at the EdGE Center in Cherryfield. A posada is a Mexican cultural tradition that takes place in December in the days leading up to Christmas. In context it means “hospitality” or a space to stay—welcoming friends in for a meal and festivities. High school volunteers spent two evenings after school making festive banners and decorations for the space, and colorful luminaria for the tables.

Over 85 community members attended, and for the first time we hosted a Piñata Contest! We had four entries this year, and are hoping for more participation next year. Adults and kids alike got really involved playing traditional children’s games like El Burro (Pin the Tail on the Donkey), Las Sillas (Musical Chairs), Los Costales (Sack Race) and Los gallitos (Balloon Popping Game), with music, dinner, and the ever popular piñata at the end.

“It was awesome to see so many people come out and enjoy themselves. The food was great and the games were so much fun,” said Mandi Anderson, our Associate Director.

The practice of the posada persists in Mexico and Latin America because it is a symbol of unity, signifies the meaning of friendship, and at the end of the year is a way to do a good deed for someone else. As an organization, we are so excited to continue sharing this unique and fun tradition with the community!


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