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Mano en Mano Reaches Students in Eastern Washington County

It seems like the first month or so of the new school year is mostly about getting back into the swing of things. New classes, new things from the summer months to share with friends, and even new friends, all this keeps the focus very much in the here and now. Then, after the October progress reports are issued, students begin to think further ahead than they had before. They realize the school year is just begun and there is much to be done.

It is never too early to begin thinking about “life after high school” and preparing for college or other post-secondary plans. Sometimes a student knows from an early age what sort of career they hope to pursue. More often, a student in their first year or two of high school will find several activities or classes they find fun and interesting and seek programs to pursue that interest after graduation. Either way, students must plan for and prepare their path after graduation. Migrant Education Program students receive support from tutors and coordinators during this process, helping to meet their unique needs and supplementing the work of busy schools’ guidance offices.


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