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Mano en Mano Group Visits Small Local Farm

Saturday, May 26th was a beautiful, sunny day and especially fun for several pre-school age children and their families. Ana Blagojevic, our Migrant Education Coordinator, had organized a field trip to Creekside Farm in Milbridge. Creekside Farm is a small family farm run by Suzanne Brown and Eric Morrison that raises grass-fed beef and pigs, but they also have a barnyard full of animals for various farm uses and grassy fields that hedge a salt marsh. The Brown-Morrison’s graciously welcomed our group to their farm and introduced the children to all of its delights.

The group contained 4 children who participate Mano en Mano’s pre-school iPad Project, which encourages early literacy and explores the use of technology with young children through the guided use of the iPad at home, as well as other guided activities. The 4 children met at the Mano en Mano office, along with older siblings and parents, to go over a list of questions that the children came up with to ask about the farm. Upon arriving, the whole group met the farmers, shared questions with them, and took a full tour. The children looked at pigs, sheep, cows, horses, and chickens, held baby chicks, bottle-fed calves, and everyone got a chance to take a turn milking a cow! Eric and Suzanne also offered each visitor a taste of fresh milk.

Children got to ride in a wagon around the farm pulled by twin calves to get from field to barn, learned about manure and compost and helped carried compost to the gardens, touched fleece from sheared sheep, and talked about all the different uses for sheep and other farm animals. The children also learned about what farm animals eat and what we can get or make from farm animals, like milk, cheese, yogurt, and even meat! Eric and Suzanne also provided a taste of their chorizo from their farm-raised pigs.

The field trip was a great success, and we sincerely thank Creekside Farm for welcoming everyone for a fun afternoon!


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