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6th Annual Mother’s Day Event a Big Success!

Our 6th Annual Mother’s Day Celebration this year was an incredible success. This past Saturday evening, over 150 community members poured into the Town Hall in Milbridge — first partaking in a community potluck, and later on enjoying a program filled with numbers to honor mothers and celebrate Mother’s Day (also know as El Día de las Madres in Spanish). A slideshow was projected onto the wall during the potluck meal.

Following the potluck, everyone enjoyed cake before moving on to the performance part of the evening. Mark Lipski of Steuben MC’d the event for us, and encouraged everyone to move up their chairs and get ready to enjoy an exciting performance. Organized by outreach worker Edith Flores, the program included 2 pantomimes, 2 short plays, 3 traditional dances, and 2 read poems, and was performed largely on the Town Hall’s stage. To the right of the stage, non Spanish-speaking audience members could read the English translations to the plays and poems that were projected onto the wall, while still appreciating the essence, comedy, and sentiment of the acts and performers. The raffle was drawn right after the program finished, and several folks walked home with a pressure cooker, a popcorn maker, a handmade bag, and a handmade drink holder. A fun and energetic DJ dance party finished off the evening long after the sun went down. The evening was lots and lots of fun for everyone involved.

We were so excited to see both all of our friends and people we know, but also new faces at this year’s celebration. We hope that next year we’ll meet even more new people at our events.

Special thanks go out to the many volunteers that performed, set up, cleaned up, organized music, and contributed to this year’s event. It couldn’t have happened without that community support!

Check out a sampling of pictures from the event here!


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