The following comments and observations are from parents who participated in Comienza en Casa | It Starts at Home with their children:

“He learned where each color goes when sorting (inside the circle/sorter). He couldn’t do it at first.”

“It was good to have activities outside. The outside things were good because the weather is nice now and it was fun to collect things. I thought that it was good to have things off the Ipad too.”

“Using the iPad gets him excited about learning.”

“At first he didn’t know how to use the iPad, but now he does-he learned very quickly."

It was good because there was: to read, to play, to do other things, so he’s working on the same thing but in different ways. For me it was good.”

“He is already interested in singing, in talking and everything but the ideas how to apply those activities in his daily life were very helpful, to help develop a more extensive vocabulary in English as well as in Spanish.”

One mother commented she felt the program was valuable because of “Communication, spending more time with them, the time we were teaching and learning with them” and her husband added: “She would say, come, come, come look at this, and she would show me something.”

Feedback from parents about the “Family Focus” handouts: “It gives us (parents) information and helps with the development of the children,” and “The pages were good, they gave you a better idea of how to better teach your child in what ways you can talk to them.”

“Her sister has been very involved with the project… she would first start using the apps, looking to see how it worked, showed her sister how it worked and helped her to understand. Also, taking her picture, doing video recordings of her, she’s been her helper/assistant.”


“The translations were useful because we don’t understand all of the words in English so first in Spanish, then in English you get the idea of what it’s trying to say.”

“Our child liked the picture dictionary (given to each child) because it has a lot of picture of things he has never seen, the animals sometimes he didn’t know the names but other things he had never seen before and he would ask me because he had never seen them before. It has a lot of things.”

“For us to be able to do this we had to not be doing anything else and turn off the television, we had to be paying special attention to what he was doing to help him to focus.”

“She talks more in her storytelling and imitates voices…She’s more confident.” Watch this student’s video about feeding sheep here.

Comienza en Casa Parent Feedback

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