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2014 Blueberry Harvest School & Migrant Education Program Staff

Blueberry Harvest School & Maine Migrant Education Program Staff (August 2014).

The Blueberry Harvest School (BHS) is a four-week educational program for migrant students ages 3-13 that is hosted by Mano en Mano and designed to reinforce student learning in fun and active ways. The teaching format of the program provides innovative and hands-on activities that are interdisciplinary and engaging. At its core, the BHS is built around the needs of migrant students and the challenge that mobility poses to their educational success. The program includes academic project-based learning, art, culture, physical education, and several field trips.

Students hold a starfish from the a touch tank brought by the Downeast Institute.

Students hold a starfish from the a touch tank brought by the Downeast Institute (2013).

By attending the Blueberry Harvest School, students will not only learn about our community in Maine, but the themes and techniques utilized will also help students foster a love of learning. Our experiential format will develop students’ appreciation of the natural environment and prevent summer learning loss.

Each day, students will be provided with two nutritious meals (breakfast and lunch) as well as an afternoon snack. Transportation is provided from the blueberry barrens and surrounding towns directly to the school. Our theme for 2016 is “You & the Environment,” and our weekly themes are: Identity, Coastal Maine, Conversation, and Maine’s Forests. Last year, the BHS received the Maine Environmental Education Association’s “Excellence in Environmental Education Award.”

The school will run daily (Monday-Friday) starting on Monday, August 1 and closing on Friday, August 26, 2016. Contact Information:

  • July 26-August 19: Harrington Elementary School, 1227 US Highway 1A, Harrington, ME – (207) 483-6681.
  • August 22-26: EdGE Campus / Maine Seacoast Mission, 7 Weald Bethel Lane, Cherryfield, ME – (207) 546-4466.
  • Year-Round: Mano en Mano, PO Box 573, Milbridge, ME 04658 – (207) 546-3006.

Slideshow of 2015 Blueberry Harvest School Pictures:

Blueberry Harvest 2015

Program Purpose: The Blueberry Harvest School is a hands-on, student-centered, educational summer program for the eligible children (ages 3-13) of migratory workers as certified by the Maine Migrant Education Program during the blueberry harvest in Washington County. The program lasts approximately three to four weeks and is conducted in accordance with Title 1, Part C, Sections 1301-1309 of the No Child Left Behind Act; 34 CFR, Parts 200.81-200.89; Maine Migrant Education Program’s Service Delivery Plan; and Education Evolving: Maine’s Plan for Putting Learners First (Maine Department of Education’s Strategic Plan). The Blueberry Harvest School delivers services that will address the challenging aspects of the families’ migrant lifestyles and foster self-esteem, competence, and independence among all students. It is designed to ensure that each child enrolled in the program receives full and appropriate opportunities to meet the same challenging State academic content and achievement standards that all children are expected to meet.

Migrant Education Program: The primary purpose of the Migrant Education Program is to ensure that ALL migrant students reach challenging academic standards and graduate with a high school diploma (or equivalency) that prepares them for responsible citizenship, further learning, and productive employment. This project is funded by the Maine Migrant Education Program.